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Transfer Point Beta Glucan #300 - 500mg - 60 Count

Transfer Point Beta Glucan #300 - 500mg - 60 Count


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500mg - 60 Capsules. Our most sought after product, Glucan 300 Beta 1, 3-d glucan is becoming very popular with individuals looking to boost their immune system to its maximum potential. Each bottle contains 60-500mg capsules of pure Glucan 300.

Beta-1, 3-D Glucan is one of the most intensely studied immune modulators to come down the pike over the last 30 years.

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For those who have a serious challenge, a serious dose, related to weight, is needed, then ask for the 500-mg/60 count bottle. "Look for my name to assure you have the legitimate product. Cheap imitations and diluted does do not perform the same." AJ Lanigan, author, manufacturer. *Free shipping is not included with any discounts or specials.

Glucan 300 Ingredients - 60 capsules - 500mg @ capsule

Each Serving (2 capsules per serving) Contains;


Beta-1, 3-D glucan complex


1, 3-linked glucose


1, 6-linked glucose


2, 3-linked glucose


3, 6-linked glucose


Terminal glucose
Pullulan NP capsules


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