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Arthur Andrew Medical

Arthur Andrew Medical
Founded by current CEO Justin Andrew Marsh. Mr. Marsh, a former microchip engineer and automation control contractor for companies such as Motorola, Intel and Medtronic, developed the company as a majority investor. The company originally specialized in the importation of enzymes and other raw materials. As a majority of today’s current pharmaceuticals are designed to mimic enzymes, the company strives to develop and discover new medicines through enzyme research and development. In 2003 Justin Andrew Marsh bought out his minority investors and Arthur Andrew Medical was formed. With the collaboration of well-known enzymologists and best-in-class materials, Arthur Andrew Medical began to create finished products under its own brand-name. In 2003, Neprinol, the world’s most potent systemic enzyme was born. Arthur Andrew's mission is to be the leader in the development of systemic enzyme products in the enzyme-pharma and supplement industry. While other companies develop products based on market trends and fads, Arthur Andrew Medical only adopts products with ingredients that have extensive clinical research for safety and efficacy.


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