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Beta Silk Skin Lotion 4oz Bottle

Beta Silk Skin Lotion 4oz Bottle
4oz. Bottle. Beta Silk enhances the appearance of the skin by stimulating oxygen consumption by skin cells, supplying them with the"breath of new life." Along with their respiratory action, the substances in Beta Silk have also been shown to promote cellular proliferation and collagen synthesis. Beta Silk enhances the total health of the skin, reduces the signs of aging skin and soothes damaged skin effectively and naturally. It is compatible with most cosmetic, skin care, hair care and sun care formulations. Your epidermis is exposed and subjected to uv radiation and harmful toxins found in the environment. Also bad diet, internal contaminants, and infections can adversely effect your skin. Aging, another factor plus the everyday assaults on the skin reduce the Langerhans cells ability to maintain a healthy skin. Aging slows the Langerhans cells capability to reduce damage and repair the skin which will cause you to lose your attractive, line-free skin. Eventually, Langerhans cells lose their ability to recognize cross-linked tissue which leads to wrinkles and facial lines. This causes them to neglect to recognize premature pigmentation. Langerhans cells, who job it is to repair these defects lose their ability to do so which can lead to premature aging of the skin. while trying to correct these defects to create obvious, blemish free skin, become much less in a position to fulfill their mission. This can be responsible for premature aging of your skin. Beta Silk Product is a product that's designed to protect your skin, but support the primary cells of your skin's defense mechanisms that play a vital role in maintaining the integrity of your skin. Your skin constantly faces small injuries and needs to repair itself. The macrophages,which are activated through the Beta-1, 3-D glucan component of Beta Silk possess the ability to clean and rebuild the broken skin.
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